Oceana USA


Oceana USA was founded in California in 2003 with a goal to introduce and provide variety of Japanese beauty and health care products in the U.S. market. As an distributor of premium Japanese beauty and health care products, they have been really successful in offline wholesale businesses for years. As they bring more and more high quality Japanese products to the U.S. market, they discover the huge potential in bringing brands and products to online.

Instead of building an e-marketplace for their products, which their vendors and small sellers on Amazon already do, they work very hard to get the approval and support from several best-selling Japanese beauty and health care brand, and helping to build their online presence as official sites in the U.S.

Oceana USA reached out to OODDA to help them build the online presence. We started by helping them to design and build websites, and then to help them promote their websites by on-site promotion, Google AdWords advertising, media campaigns on other platform, Email marketing, social media marketing, and Video production since 2015.


Website Development and Maintenance
  • Online Store Maintenance: catalog, orders, customers, landing pages, promotions, payment systems, emails, etc.
  • Dedicated Server Maintenance: Uptime 99.86%, 14-day window full backup
  • Fraud Detection: 363 Potential Fraud orders detected with Signifyd integration (in 2017)
  • Custom function development: shipment, cancellation email automation, auto-generate coupons for subscribers, free gift with purchase
  • Mobile-Friendly Design
  • Speed Optimization
  • Security Implementation
Marketing & Design

Google Adwords Campaigns
Keyword research, keyword optimization, bid adjustment, ads renew and updates. Remarketing display ads. Google Shopping ads. (Reach an ROI of 794% during 2017)

Onsite content creation, technical SEO audit, content marketing

Promotion Design
Holiday campaign promotion activities in 2017: 991 participations, 103 orders

Email Marketing
110 newsletter campaigns, 8,168 subscribers gained, 17.68% average open rate

Social Media
2,362 posts over Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Weibo

Video Production